Friday, 3 February 2012

Three NEW Tracks from East Van Soul Club

Coming up with original music is difficult when you love that old soul vibe so much. For the last few years I've worked hard to find the right balance between authenticity and creating my own thing.

Almost every piece of contemporary music today has some element of "computer" creativity. Whether it be in the backing track over-layed with an awesome vocal or a sampling of an unknown classic added to a new groove - the balance is most important.

I've spent the last twelve years working with Macs and music.  In the early days it was painfully frustrating, I simply did not know how to "assemble" a song in order to make it palatable to the human ear. Two wives later I'm still at it and I believe I have come to a point where the music is starting to pull together that might attract attention.

Music is such an individual pursuit these days; endless hours spent in front of the computer, its a lot like writing a book thirty years ago on a lonely typewriter. Whereas music production of the same era could only be a group effort, music production today is endless hours in front of the screen tethered to the speakers - surely this has some bearing on the end result ?

So I present three tracks that have blossomed from the inspiration of others and in doing so I present the original tracks via YouTube, so you can get a feel.

Let me know if you think I have captured the vibe or not.
TRACK 1 -  Original - Cold Grits cover of the Isley Brothers "It's Your Thing"

Here's my version U r thing

TRACK 2 - Original - Dana Valery "Interest Lies" classic Wigan Casino floorfiller

Here's my version Interest Lies

TRACK 3 - Original - The Quik "Bert's Apple Crumble" probably the best thing to ever come out of Southampton musically speaking

Here's my version Quik to the Stick

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