Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Event Review: Baby Harry Electric Owl Jan 12/12

Baby Harry & Guests @ Electric Owl
January 12, 2012
Baby Harry Callaway has been ploughing the fields of BC's pub and club land since moving from the US a few years back. His original musical style varies from Hendrix, Prince and a bit of Lenny Kravitz for good measure. As a guitarist Baby Harry brings a similar style to the aforementioned, he's certainly not a "shredder", rather relying on his fx, which is uniquely disguised on stage.

Baby Harry has a rather unique stage presence, giving it 100% and then some. Baby Harry is as visually stimulating as he is audibly, using interesting combinations of suits, bow ties and hats to come off as a kind of 60's MC with a loud guitar. Adding BH's style is his choice of guitars, rather than using the standard Fender or Gibson, BH prefers a Hagstrom semi-hollow or a recently defunct East Vancouver Sparrow Telecaster. On this gig BH used a Mesa Amp and speaker set.

Also playing with Baby Harry in support was Don Alder, Vancouver's most underrated guitar player. Don's technical issues let him down, having your acoustic pick up fall inside your guitar is never a plus. Tonye Aganabe came across with a modern day Chapman-esque vibe, which got the audience feeling groove; a personal highlight being Tonye's dedication to the late Randy Ponzio.

The Electric Owl has barely been open a year. Located in the recently rebuilt 928 Main Street, it brings a new vibe to the block occupied by the Ivanhoe and Cobalt. The concrete floor gives it more of a colder feeling than most places, wooden dance floors are the only way to go. Drink prices are reasonable, sound was good but the downstairs lav was out of paper and had some other parts in need of repair. On the plus side this certainly a live music venue, I don't recall seeing any flat-screen tv's in the place. They have live music during the week and dj's on the weekend, which is problematic and needs fixing.

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